Cooking In The Bush

cooking in the bush

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bush kitchen

bush kitchen

portrait of a working bush kitchen, 2008

my friend bear lives on 40 acres outside of moruya on the south coast of nsw.

this is her house.

this is her kitchen.

every night, we cook up a storm with the food she has grown in her garden - a jungle of vegies and fruit - on this ace little gas stove. everything tastes so good on it.

bear has lived on the land forever pretty much. she finds the city hard. the air is no good for her. she was a world champion welterweight boxer in the early 80s.

she is pretty much a legend and she lives here and whenever i go there, i have the best adventures ever. every morning i wake up to kangaroos and horses and a warm fire. in the afternoon there's swimming in the river and walks and wombats and planning dinner and collecting the food for it. and then playing scrabble. when the sun goes down, we light the fire and listen to the radio or tell stories and sing.

that is how life is on the land without electricity or running water in australia in 2008 for a bushie. bear is a honorable and wonderful woman. i have learned much from her.

laundry and bush

laundry and bush

I want to make clear, that we all have to be patient: cleaning takes time, a lot of time. Especcialy if you are not very organized, or specialized in certain aspects of live. Look at me in my kitchen: I have to finish the dishes, cook and do the laundry. It will take me me, if you are all positive, things will clear up soon

cooking in the bush

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