Rv cooking show : Cooking filet mignon in oven.

Rv Cooking Show

rv cooking show

  • recreational vehicle: a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities

  • Recreational vehicle

  • RV (released as Runaway Vacation in some territories) is a 2006 comedy film starring Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, Joanna Levesque, Josh Hutcherson, Jeff Daniels, and Kristin Chenoweth. It was released on April 28, 2006 in North America.

  • Revised Version (of the Bible)

  • A rendezvous point

  • Recreational vehicle or RV is, in North America, the usual term for a motor vehicle equipped with living space and amenities found in a home.

All Lit Up

All Lit Up

Another long one description...and view it large!

The Story:

This is one of my favorite places in the US (so far); did I mention I have been to all 50 states (by the time I was 22)? I found this place during a roadtrip with friends after graduating college a few years back. We stopped here, Sunset Crater National Monument (just north of Flagstaff), and stayed at a super cool campsite where you actually camp on lava rock/cinders, but which are small enough that it is not uncomfortable. Not knowing much about it other than the name, after we set up camp, we went back to a pull off on the side of the road, and caught the sunset, hitting the top of the extinct volcano. I enjoyed this place so much, mostly because its not very crowded (probably because it is a small national monument with only a few old volcanoes and lava flows). The first time I was there, August, we saw maybe 20 other people, and all at the campsite. This past May, we saw 7.

Anyways, I returned here on my last trip out west, primarily because I remembered the sunset to be so unbelievable and the sunlight lighting up the reddish ash at the rim of the crater. Just wait until I show you what was in the other direction! While we set up camp, I was getting nervous as the sun went down, convinced that the pizza bagels were taking way to long to cook on my awesome charcoal fire, and that we would miss the sunset all together. We made it over there in time, but of course the sun was behind a wide, flat hazy cloud; there was nothing spectacular; a complete bust and not worth the 2 hour detour. About 5 minutes later, when a little German family in one of those rent-a-RV things pulled up, the sky cleared for about 2 minutes and I was able to get two HDR sets.

The Processing:

6 Shot HDR at 1 ev intervals, 22mm, F/20, iso 100, my Canon 10-22mm and the ever reliable Promote Control. This photo, is cropped, and re-sized to probably about 15% of the original; the original completely disregarded the rule of thirds and the extra large sky just didn't really add anything to the photo. Goodbye sky. I still think the volcano and tree-line should be moved up in the photo a bit more; or reduce the sky a little more.

I blended three different HDR version of this photo. It took me over 3 hours to process this image. Of course there was the slight color fringing across the photo (not as bad as others though), but then there was also a ton of spots that needed to be removed (I have NO idea where they came from...unless it was still dust from Antelope Canyon...poor upkeep on my part...I used Adobe Lightroom for this quick fix). But the worst part about this image was it took 2 hours alone to fix that moon you see there. It was entirely blown out in the HDR image, so I had to mask in the good moon. On top of that, the moon was surrounded by pink color fringe/halo. Oh, and there was a green water tower in the trees which had to be demolished of course; but you'll never find where it was. So really, it never existed.

Grand Canyon Desert View Campground 03479

Grand Canyon Desert View Campground 03479

* No hook-ups
* 30-foot trailer or RV maximum
* Located 26 miles/ 42 km east of Grand Canyon Village.
* Open May 2, 2011 through mid-October 2011.

Services: There are no utility, water, or sewer hook-ups available at the Desert View Campground (all campsites are dry sites). Each site does have a campfire grill for fires and cooking use and a picnic table. There are two water faucets located within the campground. This photo shows the Men’s, Women’s, and Handicap Accessible restrooms in the campground. The restrooms have flushing toilets and sinks (with no hot water). There are no shower facilities at the Desert View Campground. The nearest showers are at Mather Campground in Grand Canyon Village, 26 miles/ 42 km west.

Campsites are on a first come - first served - self-registration basis. The campground is usually full by early afternoon during the busy summer months. No reservations are accepted for campsites for the Desert View Campground at anytime. There is a 7-day camping limit. Check out is at 11:00 AM.

PETS are allowed, but must be leashed at all times, and may not be left unattended.

The Desert View Campground will remain open until approx. mid-October 2011. The following information for the Desert View Campground will be effective for the entire 2011 summer season:

Occupancy: There are a total of 50 campsites in the Desert View Campground. Most sites are sized to accommodate tents or smaller RV’s or Travel Trailers. Very few sites can accommodate large RV’s or Travel Trailers (30 ft. maximum length). There is a limit of six persons; two tents; two-vehicles or one RV/Travel Trailer per site. Campsites are on a first come - first served - self-registration basis. The campground is usually full by early afternoon during the busy summer months. No reservations are accepted for campsites for the Desert View Campground at anytime. There is a 7-day camping limit. Check out is at 11:00 AM.

Camping Fees: Campsites at the Desert View Campground are $12.00 for each space for each night. The Interagency Senior Pass, Interagency Access Pass, Golden Age Passport, and Golden Access Passport entitle the pass owner to a 50% discount on camping fees. No discounts on camping for any other Federal Pass holders. We accept either exact cash or credit card for payment of campsites with our automated fee machine located by the campground restrooms.

NPS Photo.

rv cooking show

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